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Big Ben
The real name of the tower that houses the clock is simply “The Clock Tower”. Big Ben is just the nickname given to the largest bell in the tower, formally known as “Great Bell”. However, since the nickname is much more recognizable, “Big Ben” has become much more commonly used.According to a survey carried out in 2008, Big Ben is the UK’s most popular tourist attraction.
Eiffel Tower
There is an iron tower in the Champs de Mars (Square March) near the River Seine in Paris. Tote named for its designer Gustave Eiffel, and is considered one of the most famous shrines in Europe due to the number of visitors who topped six million visitors a year in 2005.
Statue of Liberty
There in New York, Hoaml artistic sculptural France has gifting it to the United States in October 28, 1886 AD as a souvenir with the aim of documenting the friendship between the two countries.
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